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What I Did To Reduce The Craziness

Share This: My husband gave me this towel as a present the other day.   It is amazing how this one little saying can mean so much to a person, but it summarized one of the main struggles that I recently went through as a new mom of two. I have a 2 year old […]

Rest Easy

Share This: One of the big issues that impacted our recent restructuring at Quakerdale had to do with a lack of employees willing to do the jobs we needed done. I was reading about a survey done with workers hired to do the types of helping jobs Quakerdale hires and the results were interesting. Tom Woll, […]

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Hey, have you heard that corn causes cancer?

Share This: What would Iowa farmers do if the world believed corn causes cancer?  At first, farmers would protest, reminding people that corn is great for feeding cattle, pigs and poultry.  But if consumers stopped buying corn, would Iowa farmers keep growing corn?  NO!  Corn production would stop FAST! The shocker statement about corn is […]