The Good Old Days

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By Ryan Keller Hope4Healing Administrator
Recently, the Hope4Healing team has been approached by various entities to see how we might be able to help them better serve the individuals with whom they interact on a daily basis.  These types of requests excite me, and the Hope4Healing team, because we want to be surrounded by individuals, organizations, churches, and other groups who desire to look outside of themselves and make a difference in the lives of another.  Within the last few weeks, we have been asked to work with a group that helps others pursue and attain a personal dream/goal.  These dreams are attained because the group meets with the individual, helps them identify steps towards accomplishing their dream, and then provides them with mentoring that helps the individual set and accomplish smaller goals toward the achievement of the overall dream.  We have been asked by two different churches to come along side them and figure out how to either start or revision what outreach to the community should look like.  It seems as if the start of 2017 has positioned Hope4Healing into a unique position to not only help individuals but also other non-profits in order to make communities stronger.  Isn’t that exciting?

With growth and change, oftentimes we can feel as if we need to reinvent the wheel; and the challenge of reinventing the wheel can feel at times as if it is insurmountable.  I don’t know about you, but that is when I start to wish for what seems to be a simpler time, the Good Old Days.  We want to remember those times before cell phones, iPads, computers, and social media as easier, simpler, better.  So as I seek to prepare for how Hope4Healing can make a difference in the lives of individuals or organizations, I find it is important to consider a few questions about the Good Old Days.

What is it that I really miss about the Good Old Days?

If I am honest (and willing to show my age a little), I don’t miss having to get up and change the channel to one of three channels on the TV (no remotes), waiting at home for important phones calls (no cells phones), handwriting all of my assignments (and rewriting them if I made a mistake), or using encyclopedias (instead of Google).  What I do miss is relationships with family, friends, co-workers, church members, or a sense of community.  We may talk to more people today, cover more ground, and be around wider groups; but we have taken the relationships of life and tried to streamline them into a convenient little package.  Efficiency is a great thing except when it comes to relationships.  We are often impatient and relationships take time!

How can I regain some of the Good Old Days?

So the issue is that we must retrain ourselves to understand that we need time to make relationships happen.  We can use technology and advancements to help us, but they cannot replace our ability to make and maintain relationships with others.  It is this intentional desire to be in fellowship with others that makes me excited to see business leaders, churches, community groups, and non-profits want to make a difference.  We want to say we are too busy, but many times we are just preoccupied.  In the Good Old Days, neighbors knew each other’s names and talked throughout the week.  Church members didn’t need a program or special occasion to get together during the week.  If you needed a helping hand, it wasn’t too hard to find someone who would take time to be there.


Maybe this is why Hope4Healing continues to grow.  We are seeking to incorporate the good things that technology has brought us, while not forgetting the important lessons from the Good Old Days.  We know that technology does not care for others, but is necessary to speed up our ability to help others.  We know that relationships are the basis for what hurting, confused, or struggling people need to make positive changes and grow.

Remember I said that we get excited when individuals and organizations get involved in the important work of helping others?  We would be very excited to see you be a part of this type of relational change to help individuals, organizations, churches, and communities become stronger.  We each can help in our own way.  Could you talk to you church, employer, or community group about how they might give of their time?  Would you like to find out how you personally could get involved with the changes that are taking place?  Or, would you help equip us to facilitate this type of relational change for those in your own community who need help to change and grow?  We each can give of our time, talents, and/or treasures.  How would you like to invest today?  Contact us @ or make a donation below.

Thank you,