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Quakerdale is making some structural changes, and with those changes comes the transition of Hope4Healing into its own nonprofit organization by January 1, 2018.  I am writing this letter to share with you, as one of our Hope4Healing partners, the changes that are taking place.  The word change seems like a scary word most of the time, but not all change is bad.  We do ask for your thoughts and prayers as we make this transition while continuing to serve those in need across Iowa.  We look forward to carrying on both the vision of Quakerdale rooted in its 160+ year history, and our mission to help individuals and families find “… the resources they need to live life to its fullest!”

It is normal for most people to consider during times of transition what has brought them to this point, and how they can use the lessons of the past to make transitions proceed more smoothly.  That is why we want to share with you what your investments of time, talents, and treasure towards Hope4Healing have accomplished over the past 3 years:

“I can’t imagine doing ministry without Hope4Healing.  I am the pastor of a small rural church, and Hope4Healing helps us care for others when normally we would have had no options to help them.” Pastor, April 2017

“I appreciate the help in getting my finances in order.  The Hope4Healing process has helped me to pursue college in the fall.”  Person in Need, April 2017

“I like that I have help in identifying resources. I love the fact that I have a single contact person.” Pastor, March 7, 2017

“Notifications of people in need are timely and much appreciated.” Church Financial Counselor, March 2, 2017.

“I contacted Hope4Healing for summer camps for my two boys who were being bullied at school.  The church that reached out to us as a friendship support partner has a youth group that my boys are now a part of.  They now have church friends at school and are not having to deal with the bullies any more!” Person in Need, June 2016.

Since August of 2014, Hope4Healing has been privileged to assist nearly 400 persons in need with over 700 requests for help.  For each of these requests, we have seen the partnership of Hope4Healing, community resources, and churches working together to make an impact in the lives of individuals and families with nowhere else to turn.  These partnerships will continue to provide greater access to services for those who really need them.

This blog serves to share with you, as one of our partners, about the transition of Hope4Healing to becoming its own non-profit organization.  We also want to invite you to receive our most up-to-date information by SUBSCRIBING to our newsletter.

We appreciate the relationship we have developed with you as a partner.  Please fill out the attached card and mailing it TODAY. Thank you for your continued support, encouragement, and prayers.

Serving as Christ Serves,

Ryan Keller – Executive Director
Hope4Healing Resource Assistance Network


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Ferguson Bible Church

Share This:

Ferguson Bible Church

By Ryan Keller Hope4Healing Director

            Hope4Healing is so privileged!  As we seek to help those in need across the state of Iowa, we cannot hope to help those we serve without the assistance of the great partners that seek to serve with us.  We have been taking the time to share with you, the last couple of months, stories about some of our amazing partners.  We have discussed groups like the Dream Team in Waterloo and Family Services of Iowa; and I hope you have taken the time to get to know these partners better and understand the magnitude of the impact we can make by serving together.

Today, I am sharing with you another great partner who seeks daily to find ways to have an impact in their community; and it is showing in some really great ways.  Before I share with you about Ferguson Bible Church, I want to explain briefly what a Hope4Healing partner looks like.  Partners of Hope4Healing do not pay a fee to be a part of the Hope4Healing Resource Assistance network; instead, Hope4Healing and our partners join together to find and/or provide the resources necessary to help those we serve live a better life.  Some partners serve by providing services or resources, some serve by providing encouragement, mentorship, or a shoulder to cry on, and others serve by referring individuals and/or families to Hope4Healing for assistance.

I had the privilege to sit with the congregation this past Sunday at Ferguson Bible Church.  Their pastor is Pastor Darren Young or Pastor Darren as most people like to call him.  It was a time of celebration at Ferguson Bible Church, because it was the Sunday on which Pastor Darren was ordained by the church.  There is a lot I could say about Ferguson Bible Church from their children’s ministry, to their weekly service, to the respect I have for Pastor Darren; but I want to share with you the blessing that this congregation seeks to bring to its community at large.

I have no doubt that Pastor Darren loves his church, neighbors, and has a burden for those who do not know and love the Lord Jesus Christ.  I also have no doubt that the church loves their pastor and seeks to help others.  Recently, Pastor Darren shared with me how the church is working on creating a new vision for how the church will continue to serve the Lord in the future; and a big part of that new vision is to help those in need and to show those who do not attend church that genuine people are in the church’s membership and they invite all to come and see the blessing of having the God of the Bible in their lives.  I am also impressed with the church’s outreach.  They host a meal every year that is open to the public to show their appreciation of the blessings they have received.  Pastor Darren attends a weekly pastor’s prayer meeting where men of God (pastors) get together to pray for their community and to seek how their churches might better share the gospel.  Recently, Ferguson Bible Church took part in an effort to get a Bible into the hands of every household in the Ferguson/Marshalltown areas.  I hope you can see that this church is doing wonderful things to serve as Christ served during His earthly ministry.

So, how does Ferguson Bible Church fit into being a Hope4Healing partner?  Ferguson Bible Church provides the important role of friendship and spiritual/emotional support for people in need in the Ferguson and surrounding area.  They provide encouragement, prayer, a listening ear, and a caring heart to those individuals who contact us looking for help.  The person in need chooses the church with whom they develop a relationship; and Ferguson Bible Church is there to encourage those in need when given the opportunity.  I hope you take some time to get to know Ferguson Bible Church better.  Check out their website or contact them @ 641-478-3318 with any questions; I know Pastor Darren and his congregation would be glad answer any questions and to invite you to be a part of their fellowship.

I hope you can see that serving others doesn’t have to be difficult, and I hope you will consider becoming a partner with us.  To find out more about being a Hope4Healing partner check out our website at www.hope4healingquakerdale.net or email us @ h4hquakerdale@gmail.com.We at Hope4Healing are so privilege to work with awesome groups like the church in Ferguson; please shoot us an email if you would like to find out how you, your church, or organization can partner with us and Ferguson Bible Church to make a difference in lives of people in need.

Thank you, Ryan Keller Hope4Healing Director.

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