Broken Windows and Open Hearts

By Ryan Keller, Hope4Healing Director

Where did June go?  I, like many of you, have felt the pressure of summer in full force.  You know what I mean; between softball, baseball, work, college classes, and several different training’s that I have attended this month sometimes you feel as if you can’t even breathe.  I know that I am not alone in this, and I also know when life gets busy so does the team at Hope4Healing.  In the month of June alone, we have been working on 21 different requests for help.  These requests range from helping a senior citizen who has lost a spouse find emotional support and help with their daily needs, to helping a family learn to communicate better.

Now many have asked me, how does a resource assistance network help a family learn to communicate better?  Well let me share with you a fun story.  Were any of you ever in trouble as teenagers?  I won’t ask what got you into trouble in the first place, but did you want to tell your parents what you had done?  When I think about these questions, I flash back to my brother’s broken arm, another time he needed stitches, or the time I got in a fight.  Now I was not responsible for each of these incidences, but it was still hard to tell my parents what had happened.  It always seems that these types of things happen when mom and dad are not around, and even if there were accidents, we naturally seem to fear the unknown response of others.

Now imagine an adolescent who is doing a good thing for mom.  This adolescent is out in the yard cleaning up, when by accident, they turn around and put an object through a car door window.  What would you do?  Now imagine that you also know that your mom works four part time jobs to provide for the family; and mom doesn’t have a lot of time, money, or resources to get the window replaced.  We were privileged to be contacted by a therapist who was working with a family just like the one in my story.  I contacted several used auto parts businesses looking for just the right window on behalf of the therapist and family.  The cost to replace the window was $35.00 to $50.00 and that still didn’t pay to have it installed.  In explaining my story with a used parts dealer with whom I had never had contact before, he was willing to donate the parts if we paid for the labor of his employee to remove the window.  I could not thank this dealer enough, for his generosity.  When the employee heard of the families need, he volunteered to remove the glass on his lunch break, off the clock, making the gift of the window to be no cost to this single mother of two working four jobs to provide for her family.

Now I think this story is pretty impressive up to this point, but we’re not done.  The family found someone else to put the window in the car and they were back on the road.  The therapist who contacted us for help was able to incorporate into therapy with the family this experience to help teach the teenager and the mother how to better communicate with each other.  Working together with a business, a church, a therapist, and the family, Hope4Healing was able to facilitate helping this family with more than just a car window.  This experience helped the family understand the care of community, the church, their therapist, and Hope4Healing.  Isn’t that cool?

I hope you have found this story to be an encouragement.  Did you know that you could be a very important part of helping with these kinds of needs?  You can be involved in at least three ways.  First, you can pray for Hope4Healing, our partners, and the families we assist.  Secondly, don’t underestimate your power to help others.  I have recently had gracious individuals offer to tutor kids in Math and Chemistry, provide a clean/bug free bed to a family in need, and provide transportation to mother and child without any means of transportation.  Finally, the impact Hope4Healing is making would not happen without your financial support.  We have a goal to raise $45,000.00 by the end of the year.  I know you have probably heard it before, but every dollar counts.  As I hope you have seen through the story above, that even a seemingly small gift can make a big difference.

Thank you, Ryan Keller.


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