Hairdos, Auto Mechanics, and Bibles for Children

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By Ryan Keller

Director of Hope4Healing


At my church, the pastor has started a series on the book of Acts.  In a recent sermon, I was reminded of how, by God’s grace, Hope4Healing finds resources to meet all types of needs, even for request that seem to be unlikely to find.  We have had a lot of those types of requests in the past few weeks.  In the third chapter of Acts, Luke tells the account of how Peter and John were on their way to pray in the temple and stopped to heal an over forty year old lame man in the name of Christ Jesus.  We know that Peter and John had been to the temple before, and the passage tells us that this man who could not walk was a regular beggar at the gate of the temple called “Beautiful;” therefore, it is likely that the apostles had passed by this beggar before.  Why is it that just at this time they stopped and noticed the beggar?  The passage also explains that once the beggar knew he had Peter and John’s attention he expected a monetary reward; instead Peter says to the beggar, “…Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk …”(Acts 3:6).

This is the situation Hope4Healing and many of our partners find ourselves in when working hard to help a person/family in need (PIN).  We do not possess miraculous powers to call a lame person to walk in the name of Christ like Peter and John, but we certainly can fulfill the intent of Peter’s words in the first half of the verse.  We may not have silver or gold, but what we do have we give.  What I find remarkable about this example of Peter and John is that ultimately the beggar’s need was not silver or gold; it was to walk and know Christ as Savior.  Many times we get requests for financial help, but find that the resources available meet the need through means other than monetary gifts.  What is required is that we pay attention and don’t just walk on by; we must open our eyes and interject ourselves into the situation and see what takes place outside of our own abilities.

Let me explain through some of the requests we have received since our last newsletter.  We received a request form from a therapist who was trying to help out a client.  The client explained to us that she is a single mother of four pre-adolescent/adolescent children.  Her therapist (with permission) contacted us because of the belief that a simple act of kindness could help this mother’s mental health need.  The request was to see if we could find a way to pay for this single mother to get her hair cut, styled, and possibly colored.  The hope is that this gift would lift her spirits and give her confidence during a time of making some difficult decisions.  We were looking for roughly $75.00 to $100.00 gift.  A lady in the area did not have the money to give, but is a licensed hair stylist with many years of experience willing to give not gold or silver but what she had she gave, her time and experience.  See the mother didn’t need the money; she needed the relationship, which this lady who we discovered through a church, could provide.

What would you do if you were a single parent with a broken foot, working four part-time jobs, caring for two adolescent children, out of work till your foot heals, and now your car won’t run?  You can’t afford to get it fixed, the repairs needed are very serious and costly, and you are just trying to figure out how to put food on the table.  Since money would seem to be the solution to these problems, you would think that we would start looking for a loan, gift, or rainbow with a pot of gold whereby to help out this hardworking single parent.  God’s solution is a church partner who knows a mechanic that will take time on his lunch break to go to the house of this single parent to see how they can get this car back on the road.  Until last week, we didn’t even know who would provide the resources to help in these two situations, but all it took was individuals willing to pay attention and not walk by; instead they stopped and decided that although they didn’t have silver or gold they did have other ways to give.

A third story is about a church looking to buy a significant amount of Bibles to supply children in a Bible study class with an affordable source for Bibles so the kids could have their own Bible to take home to memorize verses each week.  Children from homes whose parents probably don’t go to church and probably don’t have a Bible in the house.  We did our due diligence to find affordable Bibles; it was a fairly easy task, but what surprised me was the response Hope4Healing received from various partners willing to give Bibles, money, or make contacts on our behalf so that we could help resource such a simple need.  These partners didn’t walk by; instead they looked for ways to serve others and God following in the footsteps of the Apostles Peter and John.

I have to ask, how are you paying attention or are you just walking by?  Have you become part of the Hope4Healing network?  If not, why?  Have you joined our newsletter subscription list to stay in touch about what is happening to help others in your community and across Iowa?  Are you apart of your church’s friendship ministry team?  Does your church have a friendship ministry team to help meet the needs of those in need in your community by partnering with Hope4Healing?  It is true that a financial gift would equip us to continue helping those we serve, and we would appreciate your financial contributions.  What we also know is that resources are available to meet so many needs; it just takes you deciding to say like Peter and John, “…silver and gold have I none; but such as I have, I give thee…”  Please don’t walk by, contact us @ 319-233-2554 or email @  We would love to discuss with you how you and your business, agency, or church might become part of the solution.

Thank you,


Ryan Keller.


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Dan Smith

I am a part of Hope4Healing and it is a true joy to “give what I have.” I also support Hope4Healing financially. Thanks for the reminder, Ryan. Join the movement.