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By Ryan Keller

Director of Hope4Healing

            A lot has been going on for those of us here at Hope4Healing over the last few months; so it seems fitting to share with you, our newsletter subscriber and/or donor, about the wonderful things that are taking place in this ministry that you support.  I hope that you will find encouragement from what is taking place, and understand the value that Hope4Healing brings to individuals and families across Iowa.

In the past 3 months, we have helped with 117 new requests, had 4 new agencies join us, listed 19 new resources to the network, and had 2 new friendship ministry teams get started on behalf of churches.  These numbers in no way reflect the numerous conversations we have had with other agencies, organizations, and churches that are in the process of partnering with us to help others across the state of Iowa.  What is so encouraging in those numbers is obviously the 117 new requests for help.  In the whole year of 2016, we totaled 261 new requests for help; in the last three months, we have done almost have as many requests as we did in all of 2016.  If we compare August through October of 2016 to August through October of 2017, we have seen more than a 50% increase in new requests.  Please understand that we are not rejoicing in others misfortunes; instead we are thankful for the privilege to help and are humbled over the reality that we are impacting so many more lives for good.

We have seen the types of requests that we are helping with change.  We have had individuals and organizations reach out to us looking for help in understanding crowdfunding and have linked them to other resource partners who understand crowdfunding tools and opportunities.  We are currently working with a family who legally immigrated to the United States, but were left homeless and without the ability to seek employment due to their sponsor backing out on them.  We have helped a person find a guitar teacher and we are working with a single mother whose insurance is denying to payment for services she needs.  The important thing is that no matter the request we will help you find both the resources needed and provide hope and encouragement.

We have been so encouraged by our partners who work with us at Hope4Healing.  We have a church partner right now leading the charge to help the family whose sponsor backed out.  One of our partners recently offered to provide a free hair cut and style for a single mother needing some encouragement.  Another partner has shared with us that they are raising money to go to Kenya to help those in need in that country.  We have some of the best partners anyone could ask for selflessly working on behalf of those with a need.  Do you need help finding a legal advisor, money coach, counselor, paying bills, or just feeling connected to others who care?  We are seeing these kinds of blessings every day through our partnerships.  We so greatly appreciate the work our partners do every day.

I would also like to share some of the accomplishments of our team.  One member has recently finished their Masters program, two have recently received training to become FTDM and YTDM facilitators, and one is now a trained Parent Café facilitator.  With the transitions Hope4Healing is going through over the next few months, the Hope4Healing team is working hard to identify how we can be useful and beneficial to those we serve.

With all of these wonderful things, we are facing one need that you can help us with; we need your help in reaching our fundraising goal in order to finish the year strong and position us into having a successful 2018.  We have an ongoing goal of raising $45,000.00 this year, and as of today, we have raised about $3,000.00 of that goal.  We are ever so careful to use the gifts of others wisely; so much so that despite our fundraising need we are still seeing an increase in the number of people we serve.  As you consider how you might make a year-end donation would you consider giving to Hope4Healing to make a difference in lives of those in your own community?  Would you be 1 of 200 friends to give $250.00 to help us meet our goal?  Would you help recruit other by holding a fundraising campaign on our site to encourage others to give?


If you have questions, please email us at or give us a call @ 319-233-2554.

Thank you,

Ryan Keller, Hope4Healing Director



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