Update on the Story of Facing Giants: A Story of Persistence, Grace, and a New Life

If you haven’t read our original article on facing the giants, I want to warn you about spoilers!!!  You may want to read the first article before reading this article.


If you had faced the persecution that the Nunga family has faced, (beatings, shootings, fleeing your home country, etc…) would you feel compelled to donate your time to help others?  One of the items that the Nunga family requested help in finding was a treadle sewing machine for Mita.  Through the help of two wonderful staff members at Catholic Charities in Waterloo, Mita now has the treadle sewing machine she was looking for.  We want Sister Rita and Deacon Jeff know how much we appreciate their selflessness in answering Mita request.  The picture below shows how much Mita appreciates the sewing machine as well.

To answer my original question, Mita has now started making bags, repairing clothing, and doing other jobs with her sewing machine to pay it forward.  As stated in the original article, the Nungas are not allowed to receive payment for work due to the rules of seeking asylum, but this family is not willing to just sit and do nothing.  They continue to look for ways to help out and help others while they wait for a decision on their asylum application.  It is not too late for you to help out this family by making a donation or even buying a gift card for them to get items they need.  You can click the link to make a donation, or call Hope4Healing at 855-584-HOPE (4673) for details on giving a gift card.

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