Little Faith, Great Partners

Recently, I posted this story to Facebook.  When have you faced times of little faith only to be surprised in a big way?

How was your Friday afternoon? I have had a good, but long week; and then, I get a call this afternoon from a couple who is homeless and stranded in a town where there is no homeless shelter. There is a shelter an hour away that has room, but only if they can get there. I have to admit, I sent out a message looking for transportation for this couple discouraged that so late on a Friday no one will be available to help. Less than a minute after I hit send on the email, a Hope4Healing partner said they were driving from the town where the couple was stranded to the town where the shelter is, and he would be glad to give them a ride. I was convicted of my lack of faith, but oh so glad that this couple didn’t end up sleeping in the cold with snow on the way. We have such great partners here at Hope4Healing!!! What would have happened if Hope4Healing didn’t exist? To help us help people like this couple, would you consider donating to Hope4Healing. Your gift for as little as $10.00 could help us make all the difference in the life of a person or family in need! Click the link to join our team:!/donation/checkout



Ryan Keller

Executive Director


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