What Can You do with an Old TV Stand?


I want to share with you an email that we received from one of our Hope4Healing Partners.  You may recall our article last month discussing the sewing machine that was found by Catholic Charities of Waterloo for the Nunga Family.  Well, I want you to read and understand how an old TV stand made the difference in giving someone a feeling of belonging while allowing someone else the opportunity to pay it forward!
“I told/shared the photo/link of Mita with Agnes.  She in turn sent it onto her friend in Des Moines.  The friend posted the following on her facebook page.


Throwback Thursday to approximately 2004 when I got a message from my friend Nicole asking if I wanted her to pick up a $40 treadle sewing machine she found. I already had one in good working order, but who could pass on such a great deal?! That treadle sewing machine made a lovely tv stand for many years, being moved six times.

Fast forward to about 6 weeks ago when my friend Agnes posted that she was looking for a treadle sewing machine for a client. Someone who actually was going to use it. A treadle was desired because an electric machine was too intimidating for this client to use. The time had come to part with my $40 tv stand to be put to good use by someone who really needed it.

Today I got to learn more of the story. I’m not a crier. But this story brought tears to my eyes. If you’re so inclined, read about why this family is in the US: https://hope4healingquakerdale.net/2018/01/facing-giants/

And then you can see how this machine is being used:

Many thanks to Deacon Jeff for coming to Des Moines to pick up the machine and finding someone to give it a thorough once-over to ensure it was in good working order before going to its new home.

This is the kind of story that would have prompted me to call my good friend Wade. He would love that someone is taking a piece of history and using it in their daily life. But since I can’t share this story with him, I’m hoping his sister-in-law Marcy will appreciate it for him, especially considering her passion for helping refugees.

My message to you is this: give what you are able. It may be your money. It may be your time. It may be your old tv stand. But there is joy in giving. And it warms my heart to know this old sewing machine has found new life.”

 I cannot conceive of a more appropriate way to tell the story of how Hope4Healing impacts lives.  I dare say that everyone musters up a smile when reading this story.  It is my prayer that you follow the advice of the author of the email and “give what you are able.”  We need friends to who are willing to partner with us to give what they can; maybe you can give financially, of your time, or just your old TV stand.  Please give today!



Ryan Keller

Executive Director


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