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I say it often, but only because it is true; we have the greatest partners working with us to help individuals and families in need across the state of Iowa.  Here is another great example of how our church partners are making a difference for those needing encouragement, compassion, and kindness. (The names have been changed to respect the confidentiality of those we serve.)

Hi Hope4Healing,

After Hope4Healing invited our church to be a support partner for Sue, she came in to visit me at the church.  You probably know her situation better than I do, but she is under extreme financial and emotional hardship due to illness, loss of job, broken down car, out of control adult kids, etc…

We started by trying to assure her that God still loves her and so does her new church family.  During that first visit, I gave her a fuel voucher so she could get gas for her car, a gift card to Aldi’s so she could pick up some groceries, and we also helped her make her rent payment so she had a place to live.  I also prayed with her and encouraged her to get involve with our activities at the church so she could meet people that would love and encourage her.  One of our ladies gave Deb a call and invited her to a small group Christmas party, but Sue decided not to go because she didn’t feel well.  I just talked with Sue and she informed me her car is not dependable and it was recommended that she ask me about possibly helping with bus passes.  I told her, “Absolutely, we will help, and that your church family wants to help you through the tough times.”  I will be dropping off a book of 20 bus passes at her apartment in the morning.  She also said her winter coat needs the zipper repaired and so I will pick it up and I know a couple ladies here at church that might be able to repair her coat.  I also suggested she visit the Caring Center on Main Street to see if they have any winter coats or possibly other items that she may need for FREE!  She also said she was concerned about getting to doctor’s appointments that are in Ames or Des Moines, and I informed her that our church has a ministry that makes sure people that do not have transportation are given rides to their appointments, and the people that provide rides for them are also “prayer warriors” that pray with the individual before they go in to their appointment.  The church will also help with “copays” if there is a need for financial help.

I again encouraged her to get involved with church activities because she needs a church “family” and needs to make connections with other Christians.  She admits she needs to get involved in a small group or our Wednesday night activities and weekend services.  I told her we will keep praying for her (and her family) and Sue said she definitely needs the prayer support and appreciates all that the church has done already.

Thank you, T

Obviously, not every church is able to help in the ways that are described in this letter; but this church provided something that every church can provide: prayer, encouragement, and a family.  As you consider the challenges that this lady is facing, even if the church didn’t have the means to help her out financially, don’t you think her need for friendship, encouragement, emotional support, and prayer would have been even more important?  Many times we have the tendency to compare ourselves in ways that are unfair; that is why we are encouraged to consider our skills, strengths, and gifts and how we might use them.  If all we do is look at how we are different, we will never measure up.  Our Hope4Healing partners understand that we each have a role to play, and that the network is designed to help find others to fill in the gaps.  Have you ever considered the how your skills, talents, or gifts might be used to help those in need?  Hope4Healing can help you find your niche!  Contact us at 855-584-HOPE (4673) or email us at to learn more, or to set up a time for use make a presentation to your small group, church, business, or agency.  Do you enjoy hearing stories like these?  Signup for our newsletter in the link below, and receive a monthly newsletter update in your inbox!

Thank you,


Ryan Keller


Executive Director


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