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We have been receiving quite a few comments lately from some of our partners about the benefits Hope4Healing is bringing to their programs, agencies, or organizations.  It is my goal to share these stories with you in the hopes that they will help all of us better understand how Hope4Healing can be tailored to meet your specific goals for your business, agency, or ministry.  This story shared by one of our Hope4Healing Friendship Church Partners shows just how important finding a friendship partner and a place to belong can be when a person is going through what seems like an impossible situation.

A Victory for Hope for Healing by B. B.

Hope4Healing (H4H) is not a humanitarian organization, rather it is a Christian organization, the one thing about which we must never be complacent!  We define success in terms of the Great Commission, a response to Jesus’ challenge to make Disciples.  Every Person in Need (PIN) to whom we respond as a Christian Friend is a potential opportunity to establish a relationship from which we may earn the right to share the Gospel.  It won’t happen with every PIN but creating opportunities to share the Gospel is what distinguishes H4H from non-Christian Humanitarian organizations.


I’d like to share a true H4H success story.  Information that might identify the PIN has been changed, but the story remains the same.


Chuck moved a couple years ago from a neighboring state to the Cedar Valley with his wife Anne and son Tommy to make a better life for them all.  Anne passed the bar and as an attorney provided the brunt of the family’s income and paid the bills.  Chuck worked a seasonal job which paid well only during the high season.  Tommy was flourishing, he’d substantially improved his grades and become a star on the basketball team.  They’d struggled, maxing out credit cards to get on their feet, but things were getting better, until suddenly everything changed.


Chuck came home one day to find that Anne had unexpectedly moved out, taking most of their belongings with her.  It was a surprise to Chuck and Tommy.  She’d taken the furniture and depleted their bank account.  Chuck and Tommy were devastated, emotionally and financially.  They had $50 in cash between them.  They soon discovered that Anne must have been planning her move for some time as she hadn’t paid the rent, utility bill or car payments in several months.  Chuck’s truck and Tommy’s car were repossessed the following week and the landlord initiated eviction proceedings.  It was the off-season and Chuck was working only a day or two per week.  Chuck had no friends or family to whom he could turn for help.

Chuck contacted H4H for help.  He and Tommy needed food and had only two weeks before they would be evicted.  Chuck had never been in a situation like this and was extremely distraught about the impact on his son.  A H4H Friendship Team member got involved and connected the men with community meals and the Food Bank.  Unfortunately, they found themselves so deeply in debt that the Friendship Team member was unable to locate an organization in the Cedar Valley willing to help with rent or utilities.  Chuck was understandably upset, facing the possibility that he and his son may soon be living in a shelter. 


The H4H member felt powerless, he’d exhausted available local resources and hadn’t been able to find a solution for Chuck.  He realized all he could do was be a Christion friend, to listen to Chuck and pray with him. 


Over the course of the next two weeks, Chuck was able to find a basketball team friend whose parents were willing to temporarily take in Tommy so he wouldn’t have to leave school.  Chuck’s prior employer was willing to reinstate his former position and Chuck realized he’d have to temporarily leave the state to reestablish himself financially before returning to the Cedar Valley to reunite with Tommy.


After many tearful conversations and prayer sessions over two weeks, the Christian friend asked if he could share the Gospel with Chuck.  Chuck was skeptical, but respectful enough of the relationship he’d established with his new Christian friend to listen.

Several days passed before Chuck called his new Christian friend.  He told him that the situation had overwhelmed him and he’d totally broken down the night before, fallen to his knees and cried out to Jesus for help.  He’d prayed the prayer his Christian friend had taught him, asking Jesus Christ to take control of his life.  At this time, Chuck is still out of state and Tommy is living with his friend’s family.


On one hand, this seems like a story where the situation was so dire that H4H was unable to locate the resources to help, but God had another plan.  God used the Christian friend to achieve an incredible victory for the Kingdom and Chuck’s life will never be the same!  Hallelujah Hope4Healing!


By B. B.

Our friendship partners provide a lot of different opportunities for the person/family in need.  They provide encouragement, a sense of belonging, friendship, and for the spiritual needs of those we serve.  Hope4Healing never assigns a church partner; the person/family in need picks their friendship partner.  It is exciting to see the growth that can take in the life of individuals and families as they develop a strong relationship with their friendship partners.

We are still in the middle of our 2018 fundraising campaign.  If you would like to be a part of bringing positive change to the life of individuals and families in your community and across the state of Iowa, would you please partner with us.  You can partner with us by signing up to receive or newsletter.  You can partner with us by adding your church, business, agency, or organization to the network to be a part of a team that helps others.  You can also give a financial gift to help us continue to provide greater access to services to those in need.  Would you consider becoming a monthly partner at $20.00 a month?  Or, maybe you would like to make a difference in one person or family’s life; it takes roughly $150.00 to help one individual or family with their request.  Would you help one family with a $150.00 gift?

Thank you


Ryan Keller

Executive Director




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Very encouraging!

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Very encouraging! Thanks Ryan.