A friend of mine posted a very inspiration video of a Vietnam veteran named Richard Pimentel giving a speech about how to live life with purpose.  There are many good points from the video and I would encourage you to watch it below, but I want to encourage you to think about one part of his speech.  Mr. Pimentel tells of how he was camped out on a ridged with other soldiers and they were outnumbered 20 to 1.  They could not be rescued due to fog, but a path could be cleared for escape.  In order for this plan to work, it would require 5 men to stay behind to cover the retreat of the others.  It was at this moment Mr. Pimentel learned an extremely valuable lesson about “responsibility”.  His sergeant taught Richard what responsibility really means.  He explained that “responsibility” is the combination of two words “response” and “ability”.  He explained that we have to answer two questions:

  • Do I have the ability to take on a situation?
  • What will my response be in terms of my ability?

Hope4Healing has had a record year of helping those in need.  We have assisted with over 1,256 requests this year which has seen an impact of over $750,000.00 for those we have served.  This impact was realized because Hope4Healing was able to find those businesses, individuals, organizations, churches, and entities that had the “ability” to help.  Each of these partnerships was made in “response” to wanting to be utilized to help others.  Hope4Healing has been blessed to receive support from those who have had the “ability” to “respond” to our ongoing financial needs, and that support has seen Hope4Healing be able to meet its basic needs.  As we look forward to 2019, Hope4Healing wants to maintain our “ability” to “respond” to the needs of those we serve; but due to unexpected circumstances, we know that we will not receive the same level of support as we did in 2018 from some of our financial supporters.  This is not due to a lack of confidence in Hope4Healing’s mission; instead, it is due to those supporters not being able to give the same level of charitable giving as in the past.  With that in mind, I would like to challenge you to consider your “abilities”.

The reality is that responsibility is not something that is put upon us or given to us; responsibility is a choice we make to use or not use our abilities.  If you have followed our newsletter, then you might remember me saying that everyone has the “ability” to give of their time, talent, or treasure to help those in need through Hope4Healing.  I am asking you to consider how you might be able to “respond” to our need to finish 2018 strong and prepare for 2019.  Hope4Healing will continue to help those in need for perpetuity, but that does not mean that we do not have needs.  Would you ask yourself, “do I have the ability, and what will be my response?”  What time, talents, or treasure might you be able to use to “respond” to Hope4Healing’s “responsibility” to continue to serve those in need?  Here are some ideas for how you might get involved:

  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Become a monthly donor for any amount
  • Invite others to like and read our post on Facebook
  • Volunteer to help us process requests for help
  • Pray for us as we seek to serve

No matter how you “respond”, what “abilities” might you be called to use to help others through the Hope4Healing network.


Thank you,


Ryan Keller


Executive Director





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