I’m Stronger Than The Storm Camps

By Melissa Keller

July 2019 marked the one year anniversary of the Marshalltown tornado that saw many businesses and homes alike torn apart by an unexpected EF3 tornado. Physical damage was done to buildings, homes, and infrastructure’s throughout Marshalltown, housing shortages remain a key issue, as many families are still living in temporary housing situations. A sense of normalcy has not resumed for many, and this has been especially difficult for the children of Marshalltown.  Parents have told Hope4Healing that simple things like loud noises, thunderstorms, or a train going by can trigger bad memories which often results in sleeping difficulties for their children. 

Due to these reasons and more, Hope4Healing wanted to find a way to help the children of Marshalltown learn to gain the supports in their “toolbox”  and Build Resiliency.  Our answer to this quandry came as several organizations decided to partner together with the Long-Term Recovery Family Sub-Committee.  By working together and combining resources and talents,  Marshalltown’s youth will have a wonderful opportunity to attend a day camp at Wolfe Ranch during the upcoming school year.  These daycamps will focus on “Building Resliency” with the support of horses through equine therapy.  The goal is to learn to overcome fears and gain supports.  For more details on the camps, please check out this recent newspaper article about the upcoming camps. 

Hope4Healing is blessed and thankful to be involved in this wonderful opportunity!  We are still looking for a few more volunteers to help out with these camps.  If you are interested in helping at one or all five of the camps, please call 855-584-4673 ext 701 to receive a volunteer application. Background checks are required.

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