Letter from the Director: July 2020 Signal Beacon

As with many of us, Hope4Healing has been busy behind the scenes throughout the months since COVID-19 changed how we interact socially and help those around us.  One of the changes starts with this newsletter; did you notice?  Our newsletter now has a new name which reflects our imagery as lighthouse projecting a light of Hope and Healing.  We played around with a lot of names for newsletters, but struggled to find one that seemed to fit; they either sounded like a name of a soap opera or were to “corny.”  We finally landed on the Hope4Healing Signal Beacon Newsletter, or the Signal Beacon for short.  As a marriage and family therapist, I (Ryan) have seen how these times of uncertainty, fear, and decreased social activity have increased anxiety, depression, and many speak of not knowing what to do or which way to go; so, the name “Signal Beacon” seems appropriate as we hope to provide light and hope as we all traverse the path forward together.

Another concern that we have heard expressed to us during the current social climate comes from our resource and friendship partners.  There is uncertainty of how to interact with those families and individuals that Hope4Healing is seeking connect to the resources they need.  As you may recall, the Hope4Healing Resource Assistance Network takes the use of networking as an important part of what we seek to accomplish.  For instance we network, or as we prefer to call it partner, with our resource partners to find and provide the necessary practical items (i.e. clothing, food, financial assistance, housing, etc…) those we serve need.  At the same time we partner with our friendship partners to provide encouragement, social interaction, prayer, friendship to those who need our services.  Without both of these partnerships, we would not be able to provide the necessary services the families and individuals we serve need.  So how do we practice serving others or making friends while protecting all involved from something like COVID-19?  We truly believe that nothing can take the place of in person social interaction; but with the help of technology like video conferencing, telephones, email, the internet, hand written cards, and others we can stay connected.  It is even possible to play UNO, Battleship, Connect 4, Poker Run Golf, and other games with family, friends, or to make a new friend as one of our friendship partners.  Distance makes connection harder, but not impossible.  We all have received some guidance from the CDC as to how to keep ourselves safer, but we also struggle with knowing how to move forward.  Most of our resource partners are working to protect your safety through making appointments, doing virtual appointments, and following stricter cleaning procedures.  Our friendship partners are also learning to adjust.

Don’t forget, Hope4Healing is here to help you find those resources that you cannot find for yourself; so if you find yourself needing help give us a call.  If you are a resource partner or friendship partner looking for help in navigating the uncertainty of these times, we are here to help!  Or, if you would like to learn how to find the games I mentioned you can give us a call as well @ 855-584-HOPE (4673) or email us at Info@Hope4HealingQuakerdale.net .

Thank you,

Ryan Keller

Executive Director

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