A Fresh Harvest that Helps Others

For those who have been following Hope4Healing on Facebook, you know that I have been busy baking up a lot of “sweet treats.”  I am so thankful to everyone who has been buying my baked goods, and helping me support Hope4Healing so they can stay focused on helping families.  I am so thankful to announce that with the support of many, I was able to meet my goal this past week.

I was also asked this week if someone could purchase some of my “sweet treats”, but either give them to a loved one or donate them to families or individuals in need.  I was thankful for the question and the desire to help others, and it reminded me of why I am supporting Hope4Healing which you can read below.  The answer is, “Yes.”  As long as I can deliver them in the Marshalltown, Waterloo, Grinnell communities and areas in between, I would love to see my baked goodies go to cheer someone elses day!

Even though I enjoy baking, hearing about all the good things that people say about my baked goods, and exploring new recipes.  I want to share more about why I want to support what Hope4Healing does.  I have volunteered for them as they have helped people find those things they need to put their lives together after the tornado in 2018, helped families and elementary age children cope with their anxieties, fears, and anger through Stronger Than the Storm Camps, and then more recently as they served meals to volunteers and help more families after the derecho of 2020.  Even though the staff and volunteers at Hope4Healing had lost things, electricity, and were struggling in their own ways, I have seen them step up and help others.  I want to support them as they answer phones for those who need them, support families, and find the resources to help.  That is why I ask you to help me support Hope4Healing through my virtual fundraiser.

Here are some of the responses I got this week, and am always encouraged to hear how others enjoy my baking:

  • B.P. shared that what she was got was “Freaking Amazing.”
  • C.F. commented that as a very satisfied customer, I will be buying more.

I spent some time this week picking apples and preparing new recipes; so here is my list for 9/28/2020 to 10/05/2020:

Category Item Price
Breads White Bread $6.00/loaf
  Wheat Bread $6.00/loaf
Sweet Breads Lemon Bread with Icing $6.00/loaf
  Apple Bread $6.00/loaf (pictured below)
Kolaches Cherry $8.00/dozen (pictured below)
  Apple $8.00/dozen
  Blueberry $8.00/dozen
  Strawberry $8.00/dozen
  Assorted Flavors $8.00/dozen
  Any of the above Kolaches $6.00/half dozen
Cakes and Cobblers (9×13) Apple Cobbler $8.00/pan
  Cinnamon Apple Cake $8.00/cake
Cookies Cherry Thumbprint Cookies $6.00/dozen
  Blueberry Thumbprint Cookies $6.00/dozen
  Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies $6.00/dozen
  Apple Thumbprint Cookies $6.00/dozen
  Assorted Thumbprint Cookies $6.00/dozen (pictured below)
  Apple Chocolate Chip Cookies $6.00/dozen
Bars and Brownies (9×13) Buttermilk Brownies with Chocolate Frosting $8.00/pan
  Frosted Cinnamon Apple Bars $8.00/pan (pictured below)
Pies (9 inch) Dutch Apple Pie $10.00/each
  Apple Pie $10.00/each
  Cherry Pie $10.00/each
Jams/Preserves (1/2 pint) Sweet Cherry Preserves $5.00/jar
  Apple Butter $5.00/jar
Cherry and Apple
Cherry Kolaches
Apple Bread
Thumbprint Cookies
Frosted Apple Cinnamon Bars

To place an order you can use one of three options:

Please keep the comments coming, too!  I appreciate hearing how much others are enjoying the “sweat treats!”

P.S. All options can be made with a lower sugar option like Truvia for a $1.00 extra per item.  Breads, brownies, and cakes can be made with Whole Wheat Flour instead of White All Purpose Flour for an additional $0.50 per item.  If you have a favorite baked good that is not on the list, please let me know, and I will tell you if I can make it or if it is on the list for an upcoming addition.

I realize some people might not want to purchase an item, but would be willing to help me reach my goal; if you would like to make a monetary donation toward my goal, I want you to know I very much appreciate your help!  You can click the link below to donate toward my fundraiser.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and for helping me both with my project and to help others!

Sincerely, Lauren.

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