Invest In Our Mission (Fall 2020 Campaign)

… to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in someone’s life!

Hope4Healing is a ministry that has always been aimed at being an extension of the local church in order to bring help, hope, and healing to those in need.  It is designed to provide the church with its own resource base whereby the church in good times and bad can minister unto anyone, even when the church does not know which way to turn or where to find help.  Hope4Healing will find the resources!

This means that Hope4Healing assists the church by developing effective relationships … 

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Join Our Team (Fall 2020 Campaign)

… at Hope4Healing or one of our partnering churches
… and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in someone’s life!

AS A Prayer Partner — Stay informed by subscribing to our eNewsletter and then ask God daily, weekly, or monthly to use our staff and volunteers to accomplish His purposes in the lives of those we serve.

AS A Volunteer — use your time and talents to join our team as together we make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

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What We Do (Fall 2020 Campaign)

Hope4Healing provides resource assistance for individuals across the state of Iowa. We also support local communities with activities that promote growth such as  parent cafe’s, youth camps, and tax assistance through our Vita Program in Waterloo. We also continue to look for new opportunities to help families and individuals.

We do this as a team:

  • Requests (from a family or individual in need)
  • Resource Partners
  • Friendship partners and Churches

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Who We Are (Fall 2020 Campaign)

Many times when describing Hope4Healing, I think it comes across more as a program or extra work instead of the opportunity that it represents.  My fellow Hope4Healing team members and I come from some very different backgrounds but have two things that draw us together: a love for God, and a desire to help others!  My path to where I am now is probably no different than many of your own paths.  I grew up on a small farm in Iowa in a Christian home.  I was competitive in my youth; playing soccer, basketball, and baseball.  At that time I didn’t think much about those around me, but living on a farm I spent more time with family and livestock than I did in the community.

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