Investor’s Portal

What is the Investor’s Portal?

EnterThePortalThe investor’s portal is the crowdfunding tool used by the Hope4Healing Resource Assistance Network to provide an opportunity for the general public to assist a local church in raising funds for an individual or family they are serving. The individual or family:

  • Have submitted a request for assistance through Hope4Healing and the network has been unable to locate all the financial resources necessary to meet their need,
  • Recognize that the inclusion of a local church functioning as their support partner will play a central role in their growth toward having a better and having “… it to the full.”,
  • Have demonstrated a teachable spirit and are working toward improving their stewardship of their finances, and
  • Have a Hope4Healing church standing by their side to testify to the worthiness of this need.

In short, The Investor’s Portal is your opportunity to come along side a church that is working to assist an individual or family needing financial assistance to “Build A Better Life.”

How does it work?

There a 4 basic steps to become a Hope4Healing Investor: 1) Check out the opportunities, 2) Select a need, 3) Make an investment, and 4) Invite your friends and family to join you. That’s all there is to it. Here’s how:

Check out the opportunities:

Enter the portal and take a few moments to review the opportunities. If you have questions and wish to do so, you can email the supporting church. You can also click on the fundraising page link to read more about the specific need.

Select a need:

Once you’ve settled on one or more needs, click the fundraising page link.

Make an investment:
Invite your friends and family:

After making your investment, this is the single most important part of becoming an investor — spreading the news about what you just did and inviting those in your personal network to consider joining you in making a investment themselves. This is crowdfunding. This is how many hands make light work in a very short amount of time.

Before leaving the fundraising page, click one of the “Share” buttons and invite the people you know to join you and share with their network.

Who can join?

Anyone with a desire to make a difference by investing in others.




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