Like Humble Children

By Ryan Keller  Hope4Healing Administrator

At Hope4Healing, we get asked all the time to share with churches, organizations, and individuals what kind of requests do we get when individuals contact us for help.  This is a very good question, and it can also provide some insight into our own stereotypes or expectations.  We run into individuals who are at their whit’s end when it comes to what they should do to get out of the trial that they are facing.  Often times, we might forget that we have all been there at one time or another, and we begin to think of the most negative personality types we can imagine in forming a picture of those needing help.  Let me help to paint a picture.

Maybe it would be helpful to consider the humility of a child when seeking to follow Christ and show others by our actions who He is (Matt. 18: 2-4).  Hope4Healing received a call from a mother who was very concerned for her two boys.  In the initial request that we received, all we knew was that the mother was looking for a summer camp to which to send her two sons.  To be honest, as an individual who grew up in church and knowing many other Christians who grew up in church, I found this request fairly simple.  I thought that most anyone connected to a church is probably familiar with a summer camp; however, per our protocol at Hope4Healing, we had one of our family centered services specialist reach out to the mother to clarify the need and to determine if the family was already part of a church family.

What was uncovered for us was that this mother was at the end of her rope because of issues of bullying the two boys were facing at school.  This family was not currently a part of a church, but the mother hoped that a church based summer camp would allow her sons to be part of a group of kids their own age where bullying was not an issue.  Through our help the mother both identified a church that she wanted the family to connect with and several summer camps in the area for her sons to go to.  I don’t know why the boys were being bullied, and to be honest it didn’t affect how we are planning to work to help the family.  All we knew is that the family needed our help.

We don’t always hear back from churches or families once our work is done; but we were privileged to hear back about this family.  The boys went to summer camp, the mom and dad paid for them to go, and that would make a very nice sweet story to show you how Hope4Healing makes a difference in the lives of families.  The reality is that the boys still had to go back to school in the fall, and would the summer camps really be enough?  Let’s not forget that the family identified a church to have reach out to them in friendship.  That friendship grew to the point, that the two boys started attending the church’s youth group.  In that youth group, the boys were making friends with kids their own age who also attended school with them.  The two boys didn’t know it, and their new friends in youth group didn’t know it; but those new friendships would be the tools God would use to help them overcome the bullying issues at school.  They were no longer alone at school facing a mountain; they had friends to walk with them, encourage them, and to some degree protect them.  These new friends didn’t know it, but they were reflecting Christ just by being a friend.

This is the reality I hope we all take from this story.  We are helping all kinds of individuals from all walks of life.  What is holding each of us back from helping the families that Hope4Healing serves?  We can serve others with our time, talents, and treasures.  Would you consider helping families like the one from our example with your time, talents, and treasures?

Thank you.

Ryan Keller,

Hope4Healing Administrator



Graduation Day

By Ryan Keller  Hope4Healing Administrator

 Do you remember the thoughts and feelings that went through your head the day you realized that upon graduation from high school you would face the whole big world on your own?  Your success and failure personally, professionally, and spiritually would now be judged by your actions, work ethic, and aspirations.  It was extremely scary; and yet, excitement filled the air!  In high school, we are naive about the future that stands before us; so our family and friends help us prepare through prayer, gifts, and advice.  It was comforting to know that although no one else could take the steps I was about to take, I had a strong support system to help propel me into the future.

It is ironic that this remembrance of graduation from high school has so many things in common with the realities of today.  It paints an adequate picture of the person in need who contacts Hope4Healing for help each day.  They, too, are scared, excited, and in need of support.  Their family might be there to surround them, friends have done what they can, but it is a time when they need to know the prayer of a church and others for them, they need gifts to stand on their own two feet, and they need the advice that comes from a support community to help them move forward.

What is further ironic about this comparison is that this paints the picture of Hope4Healing, today.  Quakerdale, the organization that started Hope4Healing, has given each and every one of its programs/ministries the opportunity to graduate this year.  Our commencement will take place on June 30, 2017; and our diploma will be received on December 31, 2017.  Hope4Healing has been given the opportunity to stand on its own two feet as an independent entity with the support, advice, and prayers of Quakerdale to see us succeed.  We are excited to move forward, scared of the possibility of failure, and anticipating God’s blessings in the years to come.

Just like a graduate who is looking for strength from friends and family, we at Hope4Healing need your help to move forward.  We need your prayers for wisdom, discernment, and success as we continue to serve those churches helping those in need in every community across Iowa.  If we do not have God’s blessing on this ministry, nothing else matters.  Since August of 2014, we have helped with 675 individual requests for people in need, that is no small achievement; and so we believe that God will continue to bless Hope4Healing in the days to come.  Beyond your prayers would you consider giving a gift of support?  We need to raise $45,000.00 in 2017 in order to move into 2018.  Most would never know, but to keep the database we use up and running, pay employees to help with requests, and the general costs of running an organization, it will take $160,000.00 a year to provide the help we give in making service more accessible to those in need.  If you do the math, that is only $237.00 per request on behalf of a person/family we have helped.  To help us with this year’s goal, we need to find 74 friends who would be willing to contribute $10.00/wk (approximately $45.00/month), 6 churches willing to take up a love offering or put us on their mission’s budget, and one organization/business willing to make a $5,000.00 donation annually.  Would you join us?  There is also one other gift you could give.  Would you donate your time as a volunteer to help us succeed?  Could you help us fund-raise?  Would you be interested in giving a few hours each week to help us research the requests that come in?

I know that this article is different in tone from others Hope4Healing has written in the past, but we are no longer children with mom and dad to take care of us.  We are graduating! Like any other graduate we need your prayers, support, and advice.  Please do not pass over this request, we are growing, changing, and taking a very big step.

Thank you.

Ryan Keller

Hope4Healing Administrator






Thank You and Merry Christmas

This year we were blessed to have three people step up and underwrite the registration cost for charities and their teams to participate in the 2016 Quakerdale Winter Classic ProAm year-end fundraiser.

Our 2016 Day Sponsors

WesLynn Enterprises – Indianola, Iowa
Home Mutual Insurance Association, Manning, Iowa
Jim & Deb Auen, Carroll, Iowa

Thank you for your support!

On behalf of everyone at Quakerdale and Beaver Hills Country Club …

#qwc2016proam — #MakingADifferenceQ

2016 Quakerdale Winter Classic ProAm: Tournament Results

The official results are in. Below are your 2016 Division Medalists and Tournament Champions

Division Medalists

Professional Division

This year we had just two professional teams competing for participating charities as businesses.


Our Silver Medalist Team had 4 participants, shot an even Par 288, had 4 participants subscribe to the Quakerdale Winter Classic Newsletter, and had 4 participants subscribe to the National Alliance for Mental Illness, Black Hawk County Newsletter, for a total of 800 Tournament Points.

Supporting the National Alliance for Mental Illness, Black Hawk County, Iowa

NAMI, Merry Maids (80)

Teri M (362)
Jessica J (363)
Schae S (364)
William K (365)


Our Gold Medalist Team had 5 participants, shot an even Par 288, had 4 participants subscribe to the Quakerdale Winter Classic Newsletter, and had 5 participants subscribe to the Hope4Healing Newsletter, for a total of 975 Tournament Points.

Supporting the Hope4Healing Resource Assistance Network

H4H, SocialMediaSara (114)

SBroers (485)
Beth Ann C (486)
Warren T (487)
Lisa T (488)
(566) Lisa L

Amateur Division

This year three teams competed in the Amateur Division.


Two teams tied for second place in this division. Both Medalist Teams had 4 participants, shot an even Par 288, had 4 participants subscribe to the Quakerdale Winter Classic Newsletter, and had 4 participants subscribe to the Hope4Healing Newsletter, for a total of 800 Tournament Points.

A coin toss at the Awards Dessert will determine Bronze and Silver Medalists.

Supporting the Hope4Healing Resource Assistance Network

H4H, Darlene Fitkin (88)

Darlene F (382)
Leah N (383)
Laura L (384)
Danae G (385)

Supporting the Hope4Healing Resource Assistance Ntework

H4H, Jeannette M (108)

Jeannette M (461)
Nicole I (462)
Bob T (464)
Shanquez K (465)


Our Gold Medalist Team had 13 participants, shot a 9 under-Par 279, had 7 participants subscribe to the Quakerdale Winter Classic Newsletter, had 12 participants subscribe to the Hope4Healing Newsletter, and raised $459.00, for a total of 3,734 Tournament Points.

Supporting the Hope4Healing Resource Assistance Network

Smith’s, Dan & Suzie (100)

AplingtonDan (426)
Andy S (427)
Allen S (428)
Shelby S (429)
(430) RoiJoy
(431) SmithvilleAL
(432) SmittyDale
(562) Jim & Bev S
(563) Sheffi W
(564) Craig J
(565) Dave L
(572) Eiklenborg Salvage
(574) Rick & Deb M

Charity Division

This year 71 teams competed in the Charity Division.


Our Bronze Medalist Team had 8 participants, shot a 7 under-Par 281, had 5 participants subscribe to the Quakerdale Winter Classic Newsletter, had 6 participants subscribe to the Hope4Healing Newsletter, and raised $371.00, for a total of 2,446 Tournament Points.

Supporting the Hope4Healing Resource Assistance Network

H4H, Waterloo RDT (110)

Darren Y (470)
Dave H (471)
Rkeller (472)
Open Slot (504)
(533) Dave S
(535) Kenneth R
(552) Aaron’sMom
(571) Ashley Irene T


Our Silver Medalist Team had 6 participants, shot a 11 under-Par 277, had 3 participants subscribe to the Quakerdale Winter Classic Newsletter, had 3 participants subscribe to the Quakerdale Newsletter, and raised $554.00, for a total of 2,554 Tournament Points.

Supporting Quakerdale

Quakerdale, Team 5 (70)

Doug H (321)
Jim B (322)
Jess W (323)
Open Slot (513)
(556) Jessica D
(557) Laura I


Our Gold Medalist Team had 10 participants, shot a 6 under-Par 282, had 4 participants subscribe to the Quakerdale Winter Classic Newsletter, had 10 participants subscribe to the Quakerdale Newsletter, and raised $331.00, for a total of 2,781 Tournament Points.

Supporting Tama County Young Guns 4-H Club

TC Young Guns 2 (72)

Joie C (330)
Sherry V (331)
Jaycie (332)
Tyler C (333)
(536) Lu Ann S
(523) Nancy S
(525) Amy W
(534) Diana T
(537) Steve V
(522) Linda D

Congratulations to all our division medalists. We hope to see you at the Awards Desert to receive your medals.

Tournament Champions

Of the 363 people who participated in the 2016 Quakerdale Winter Classic ProAm, 286 qualified to compete for Tournament Champion and started out with an even-Par 72 golf score. Of those who qualified, 39 were able to raise $50 or more to provide themselves the opportunity to reduce strokes on holes of their choice, and thus improve their golf score. Here’s how the top 39 ‘golfers’ finished:

24 players raised the minimum of $50 and were able to lower their score to a 1-under 71 and a tie for 16th place.

Six players raised at least $100 and were able to lower their score to a 2-under 70, tying for 10th place.

Three players raised $150 or more, lowered their score to a 3-under 69, and finished in 7th place.

Two players, Doug H (323) and RTalbot (325), both raised $200, lowered their score to a 4-under 68, and tied for 5th place.

Jim B (322) raised $250, lowered his score to a 5-under 67, and finished in 4th place.

This Year’s Trophy Winners are:

Third Place, and Second Runner-Up:
Dan Whitehead, Missionary Aviation Fellowship Pilot, Shell, Ecuador
Dan Whitehead, Missionary Aviation Fellowship Pilot, Shell, Ecuador

Dan Whitehead, Shell, Ecuador
Raised $300 and shot a 6-under 66

Second Place, and First Runner-Up:
Dave Holm, Senior Regional Development Officer, Quakerdale
Dave Holm, Senior Regional Development Officer, Quakerdale

Dave Holm, Waterloo, Iowa
Raised $350 and shot a 7-under 65

First Place, and 2016 Tournament Champion
Dan Smith, Director of Development, Quakerdale
Dan Smith, Director of Development, Quakerdale

Dan Smith, Aplington, Iowa
Raised $450 and shot a 9-under 63

We hope to see our Tournament Champions at the Award Desert so we can present them their trophies in person. I’m not sure how that will work for Dan Whitehead. He might have to make arrangements to have someone accept on his behalf. Even though he is a pilot, the 3,165 mile one-way flight might be a little too much! If you would like to see the official 2016 Quakerdale Winter Classic ProAm Tournament Champion Leaderboard — CLICK HERE!

BeaverHillsIcon(150x150)Congratulations, 2016 Quakerdale Winter Classic Pro-Am Tournament Champions!

#qwc2016proam — #divisionmedalists — #tournamentchampions

Beaver Hills Country Club Hosts 2016 Winter Classic


October 31, 2016


Daniel L. Smith
Director of Development
(641) 497-5294

Beaver Hills Country Club to Host 2016 Quakerdale Winter Classic

(Cedar Falls, IA) – Quakerdale announced today that it will be holding its 2nd Annual Quakerdale Winter Classic ProAm at Beaver Hills Country Club in Cedar Falls, Iowa. This online fundraiser will run from December 5 to December 10 and feature 14 charities and 8 Quakerdale ministries.

Conceived in 2015, the event is designed to help expand awareness, increase online email subscriptions, and invite people to join their work as a volunteer, donor, or legacy supporter (leaving a legacy through a planned gift). The 2015 Quakerdale Winter Classic results for Quakerdale alone included an increase of 23 time in web traffic, more than 392,000 impressions on 71,000 plus Twitter accounts, nearly doubled their online subscriptions, and had 161 participants (100 from Iowa, 60 from the US, and one international).

In addition to Quakerdale’s eight ministries:

Family Centered Services

Beth Andrew, (641) 497-5294,


Ryan Keller, (641) 497-5292,

Mobile Camp

Jason Kinney, (641) 497-5294,

The Promise Academy

Larry Ketcham, (641) 497-5294,


Rob Talbot, (641) 497-5294,

Quakerdale Eagles

Dustin Johnston, (641) 497-5294,

Quakerdale Retreat Center

Adam Koester, (641) 497-5294,

Wolfe Ranch

Adam Koester, (641) 497-5294,


… 14 charities have accepted their invitation to join Quakerdale ministries this year:

Apostolic Pentecostal Church Youth Group, Cedar Falls, IA (20)

Christina Cortez, (515) 494-3638,

Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity, Waterloo, IA (23)

Andrew Finnegan, (319) 235-9946,

Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends (27)

Wes Blanchard, 515-961-0725,

Love Never Sinks, Clarksville, IA (22)

Michelle Lucas, (319) 961-0398,

Manning Child Care Center, Manning, IA (26)

Michelle Starman, (712) 655-5437,

Multiplication Catalyst Ministries, Wichita, KS (18)

Randy Littlefield, (913) 683-3831,

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Black Hawk County, Waterloo, IA (19)

Leslie Cohn, (319) 235-5263,

Neighbors Across the Land, Charles City, IA (05)

Marie Conklin, (641) 691-4146 or (641) 691-7204,

ReaLife Church, Waterloo, IA (15)

Michele Feltes, (319) 334-0155 or (319) 334-0263,

Riverview Ministries, Cedar Falls, IA (14)

Marlene Wilson, (319) 268-0787,

Sacred Moment Ministries, Waterloo, IA (21)

Karen LaVelle, (319) 239-1432,

South Sudan & Sudan Christian Community for Peace and Unity, Omaha, NE (16)

Aislinn Rookwood, (402) 515-7774 or (402) 715-8012,

Tama County Young Guns 4-H Club, Gladbrook, IA (25)

Melissa Keller, (641) 750-2781 or (641) 750-6480,

THE LIFE Project, Cedar Falls, IA (17)

Matt Reisetter, (319) 230-2271,

“This year is lining up to be something really special” said Dan Smith, tournament director. “We cannot thank Beaver Hills Country Club enough for stepping up and hosting this year’s event. I’m excited to see what God is going to do through this virtual golf tournament to position some awesome charities to do amazing work in 2017.” The event is open to the public. If you would like  to support one of these charities, you can contact them using the information provided below their listing.

To learn more about the 2016 Quakerdale Winter Classic ProAm, follow this link:

For information on how your charity can participate in the 2017 Quakerdale Winter Classic ProAm, contact:

Dan Smith
Tournament Director
(641) 497-5294


#MakingADifferenceQ — #qwc2016proam


Quakerdale Winter Classic Announces Host Site

We are proud to announce that the Beaver Hills Country Club in Cedar Falls, Iowa will be the host site for the 2016 Quakerdale Winter Classic ProAm. Last year at the Carroll Country Club we raised more than $16,000, increased our web traffic by a factor of 23x, grew our subscription lists, and spread the word about who we are and what we do to 71,000+ Twitter accounts with more than 392,000 impression!

This year we are inviting over 50 charities to join us. Collectively, our goal is to raise $1,000,000. Live play begins Monday, December 5 and concludes Tuesday, December 13. Our Results Celebration will broadcast live from Beaver Hills at 7:00 PM on December 15. We cannot wait to hear the stories of the impact this event will mean to so many awesome charities.


Connect with us at:
Contact us at: (641) 497-5294 or
#MakingADifferenceQ — #qwc2016proam

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The Importance of Being Genuine

by Ryan Keller, Administrator, Hope4Healing

The goal of Hope4Healing is to help individuals “build a better life”.  The reality is that making changes toward a better life do not come in a vacuum.  Hope4Healing has seen many blessings since its launch in August of 2014, and to date has worked on close to 450 requests for more than 200 individuals all across Iowa looking to “…have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10 NIV).

I get the joy of speaking to many different groups across the state of Iowa, sharing with them the opportunities that Hope4Healing brings; allowing all of us to work together utilizing our individual talents or gifts.  Often times after I speak, someone will come up to me and want to discuss some of the finer points of how Hope4Healing might work; and usually when I am speaking to a church about their role as a Friendship Ministry toward those individuals needing help, I get a version of this type of question.  “What type of training do you offer to help us (the individuals in the church) to work with people who are looking for help through Hope4Healing?”  I was just asked this question last Sunday after a presentation.  Normally, I would diverge into a discussion about facilitating training in areas of knowing our role within the network, how to set boundaries, etc…; but I remembered something that changed my perspective when talking to the man who presented the question this past week.  We need to be genuine!  We might feel the need to be trained, and training is certainly a good thing; but there is such a thing as being overly trained to the point that our interactions become stale and insincere.

Let me share a shortened version of a story given by Dr. Chuck Swindoll that helps to make this point. (Pillow, 2001) 1

Teddy was disinterested in school. Musty, wrinkled clothes, hair never combed, he spoke in monosyllables. Unattractive, unmotivated and distant, he was just plain hard to like.

Even though Miss Thompson said she loved all her class the same, she wasn’t being completely truthful. She always marked the errors on Teddy’s paper with flair. She should have known better. She had Teddy’s records.

1st grade: Teddy shows promise, but poor home situation.

2nd grade: Teddy could improve. Mother seriously ill.

3rd grade: Teddy is good boy, but slow learner. Mother died.

4th grade: Teddy is very slow. Father shows no interest.

Christmas came and the boys and girls in Miss Thompson’s class brought her presents. Among the presents was one from Teddy Stallard. Teddy’s gift was wrapped in brown paper with a simple message on it, “For Miss Thompson from Teddy.”

When she opened Teddy’s present, out fell a gaudy rhinestone bracelet, with half the stones missing and a bottle of cheap perfume. Miss Thompson put the bracelet on and dabbed perfume on her wrist with feigned delight.

At the end of the day, when the other kids had left, Teddy lingered behind. He slowly came over to her desk and said softly, “Miss Thompson, you smell just like my Mother, and her bracelet looks real pretty on you. I’m glad you liked my presents.”

When Teddy left, Miss Thompson got down on her knees and asked God to forgive her. The next day when the children came to school, a new teacher welcomed them. She was no longer just a teacher; she was an agent of God. She was now committed to loving her children and doing things for them that would live on after her.

She helped all the children, but especially the slow ones, and especially Teddy Stallard. By the end of the school year, Teddy showed dramatic improvement. She didn’t hear from Teddy for a long time. Then one day she received a note that read:

Dear Miss Thompson: I wanted you to be the first to know. I will be graduating second in my class. Love, Teddy Stallard.

Four years later, another note came: Dear Miss Thompson: They just told me I will be graduating first in my class. I wanted you to be the first to know. The university has not been easy, but I liked it. Love, Teddy Stallard.

And four years later: Dear Miss Thompson: As of today, I am Theodore Stallard, M.D. How about that? I wanted you to be the first to know. I am getting married next month. I want you to come and sit where Mother would sit if she were here. You are the only family I have now. Dad died last year. Love, Teddy Stallard.

She went to the wedding. She sat where Teddy’s Mother would have sat. She deserved it.

Look around. Give yourself to a Teddy Stallard. Help somebody get a Fresh Start Now.

Miss Thompson was genuine throughout the whole story.  She had the training of a teacher to help her deal with what would be called today a problem child.  Many times today, we would see a school counselor, the department of human services, or foster care get involved in the life of Teddy; and those things are all benefits.  However, what Teddy WhatTeddyneeded most was the genuine concern and care expressed by another.  When Miss Thompson took a step back and realized that she had the opportunity to be a genuine friend in the lives of her students, she was (through God’s help) able to make a difference in the life of her students.  In the life of Teddy, she helped him “…build a better life…”

It is easy for all of us to want to hesitate to act out of a fear that we are not prepared for the task we are about to undertake.  Many times what is needed is our genuineness to befriend someone else; it is no different when intentionally befriending someone through your church’s Friendship Ministry team.  Were you trained to be a friend to your current friends?  We need to practice discernment as people of God, but don’t let fear keep you from genuinely touching the life of another.

1 Pillow, L. (2001, 12 21). Fresh Start: Give yourself to a ‘Teddy’. Retrieved 02 26, 2016, from The

To learn more about Hope4Healing, visit our website at: