Graduation Day

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By Ryan Keller  Hope4Healing Administrator

 Do you remember the thoughts and feelings that went through your head the day you realized that upon graduation from high school you would face the whole big world on your own?  Your success and failure personally, professionally, and spiritually would now be judged by your actions, work ethic, and aspirations.  It was extremely scary; and yet, excitement filled the air!  In high school, we are naive about the future that stands before us; so our family and friends help us prepare through prayer, gifts, and advice.  It was comforting to know that although no one else could take the steps I was about to take, I had a strong support system to help propel me into the future.

It is ironic that this remembrance of graduation from high school has so many things in common with the realities of today.  It paints an adequate picture of the person in need who contacts Hope4Healing for help each day.  They, too, are scared, excited, and in need of support.  Their family might be there to surround them, friends have done what they can, but it is a time when they need to know the prayer of a church and others for them, they need gifts to stand on their own two feet, and they need the advice that comes from a support community to help them move forward.

What is further ironic about this comparison is that this paints the picture of Hope4Healing, today.  Quakerdale, the organization that started Hope4Healing, has given each and every one of its programs/ministries the opportunity to graduate this year.  Our commencement will take place on June 30, 2017; and our diploma will be received on December 31, 2017.  Hope4Healing has been given the opportunity to stand on its own two feet as an independent entity with the support, advice, and prayers of Quakerdale to see us succeed.  We are excited to move forward, scared of the possibility of failure, and anticipating God’s blessings in the years to come.

Just like a graduate who is looking for strength from friends and family, we at Hope4Healing need your help to move forward.  We need your prayers for wisdom, discernment, and success as we continue to serve those churches helping those in need in every community across Iowa.  If we do not have God’s blessing on this ministry, nothing else matters.  Since August of 2014, we have helped with 675 individual requests for people in need, that is no small achievement; and so we believe that God will continue to bless Hope4Healing in the days to come.  Beyond your prayers would you consider giving a gift of support?  We need to raise $45,000.00 in 2017 in order to move into 2018.  Most would never know, but to keep the database we use up and running, pay employees to help with requests, and the general costs of running an organization, it will take $160,000.00 a year to provide the help we give in making service more accessible to those in need.  If you do the math, that is only $237.00 per request on behalf of a person/family we have helped.  To help us with this year’s goal, we need to find 74 friends who would be willing to contribute $10.00/wk (approximately $45.00/month), 6 churches willing to take up a love offering or put us on their mission’s budget, and one organization/business willing to make a $5,000.00 donation annually.  Would you join us?  There is also one other gift you could give.  Would you donate your time as a volunteer to help us succeed?  Could you help us fund-raise?  Would you be interested in giving a few hours each week to help us research the requests that come in?

I know that this article is different in tone from others Hope4Healing has written in the past, but we are no longer children with mom and dad to take care of us.  We are graduating! Like any other graduate we need your prayers, support, and advice.  Please do not pass over this request, we are growing, changing, and taking a very big step.

Thank you.

Ryan Keller

Hope4Healing Administrator