Hope4Healing: What We Do

We provide greater access to services for individuals across the state of Iowa.

We do this as a team:

Requests (PIN)
Resource Partners



The person in need (PIN) benefits from Hope4Healing’s mission by having greater access to services, having a designated team to find services, becoming part of a community that provides support and encouragement, and provides an opportunity for unique personal growth through valuable life experiences.

womanholdingheadResource Partners:

The resource partners benefit from Hope4Healing by taking their services and life experiences and using them specifically toward the goal of helping others in real and practical ways.  As a resource partner, I would find value in understanding the significance with which my role and my business or organization has in impacting the lives of those in my own community.


The local church benefits from this type of relationship, because it allows them to do ministry without having to require them to do case management.  From this they are providing a one on one relationship wherein they can share their relationship with God. This relationship places the church at the center of helping to make change in their communities.  It also provides an unique opportunity to disciple church members to walk their faith before others.



Hope4Healing provides the avenue whereby people or families with a need can regain a sense of hope, establish a place where they belong, and provides growth whereby they might be able to pay it forward.

resourcepartnersResource Partner:

As resource partners, we get to understand and experience the end result of the help that we provide.  We are more closely linked to our communities by identifying, supporting, and encouraging other organizations that share our goals and ourselves.  As individuals in our respective agencies, we can find satisfaction and fulfillment in seeing the impact that we have in the lives of our community members.


Partnering with Hope4Healing allows the church to be seen by their community as part of the solution in a day and age where being a follower of God is seen to be problematic.  It allows individual church members to be engaged in effective and beneficial change within the community by providing hope and establishing fellowship.

churchI hope you can see that everyone in every community can play role in making their communities stronger through helping individuals and families in need and by having a voice in the direction that change will have on the community.  Contact us at Hope4Healing to see how we can work together to see growth in our families, churches, and communities.  Signup today to receive our newsletter so that you can be apart of this effort.

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