Hope4Healing: Who We Are

Many times when describing Hope4Healing, I think it comes across more as a program or extra work instead of the opportunity that it represents.  My fellow Hope4Healing team members and I come from some very different backgrounds but have two things that draw us together: a love for God, and a desire to help others!  My path to where I am now is probably no different than many of your own paths.  I grew up on a small farm in Iowa in a Christian home.  I was competitive in my youth; playing soccer, basketball, and baseball.  At that time I didn’t think much about those around me, but living on a farm I spent more time with family and livestock than I did in the community.

famlywalkingFrom my roots, I went out of state to college where I met my wife, started my family, and had a successful 10 year career in retail business management.  In coming back home to Iowa, my wife and I were interested in a good place to raise our children more than our own career progression; so, I left my first real career and worked as a service provider and site manager for a medical equipment company here in Iowa.  There is a lot of satisfaction in caring for others, especially when they feel their worst and don’t really want you to help.  As you watch the patient begin to heal and develop a fondness for you and your services, you can’t help but understand that value of having a strong foundation that helps you grow and change with life’s trials.

Finally, after 11 years in medical equipment sales and service, I felt called to pursue my Masters in Marriage in Family Counseling.  I was convicted of the amount of suffering within the church and within our communities as to how many individuals face brokenness in their relationships.  Although I was unsure if I would have any gifts or talents in helping others, my goal was not and is not to promote myself, as much as it is be used in such a way that healing and growth might be seen in others.  This calling required the uneasy move from a comfortable career to some uncertainty as I looked for a career that accentuated my own desire to be used and serve.  This was my path to Hope4Healing and the team that seeks to help others through service and growth.

As I said before, my path is probably very similar to yours.  I have changed from an individual looking to compete to an individual who wants his life to count in the service of God and others.  What is unique about Hope4Healing is that all who are connected to this ministry share the belief that people cannot change without the help of God and others, we all have a desire to help in ways we are gifted, and we realized we are not capable of anything alone, but together we can do great things.

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